Open That Bottle Night –

Open That Bottle Night

Open That Bottle Night!

Have you been storing a special bottle of wine you’ve waited to pop open? Maybe it’s a gift from your boss celebrating a job well done, a bottle you and your significant other purchased during your last visit to wine country, or maybe it’s a bottle that you decided to treat yourself to because you deserve it—whatever the reason, today’s the day. It’s officially Open That Bottle Night! Today is a holiday designed to give you a reason to open that bottle without a special occasion. 

Pick out your favorite wine glass (perhaps a Gabriel-Glas StandArt from

FlyWithWine?), your trusty wine key, and the particular bottle you’ll celebrate with that’s been resting comfortably in your innovative WineHive storage system and


pop the cork! No matter how long you’ve been holding onto that bottle, if it’s been properly stored to keep the wine in contact with the cork while resting on its side, in a part of your home that doesn’t fluctuate in temperature, and isn’t exposed to sunlight, you’ll be in for a real treat!

The beauty of WineHive is that it can adapt to the spacing you’ve allocated to store your collection of wine. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy option to fit into a coat closet you’re converting, or an

empty wall waiting to be filled with your favorite bottles to spark a beautiful conversation in your home, or your counter

that has a corner craving to be filled with special bottles, WineHive is here to meet your needs. Your collection could range from two special bottles to several cases.

No matter the number, WineHive grows with your collection. Don’t forget to try out our Hive Builder

application and preview what your dream Hive could look like!

And while we encourage you to grow your collection, today is the exception! We want you to dig into your cellar of any size and pick that bottle that has been crying out to be opened! Champagne, Rosé, Pinot Noir, or Riesling—no matter the wine, celebrate the day! From all of your friends at WineHive, we wish you a happy and tasty, Open That Bottle Night!