WineHive - FAQ –

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the WineHive modular wine rack improve my wine collection?  

WineHive modular wine racks are a perfect choice for budding and seasoned wine collectors. Anodized aluminum components slide and lock together to create a stylish aesthetic, neatly fitting any space, nook, or wall. From professional wine collectors to Napa Valley restaurants, WineHive modular wine racks can expand to fit any size wine collection, a great fit for both residential and commercial applications.

Why should I choose WineHive over other available modular wine racks?WineHive modular wine racks are unique in flexibility, style, and build quality. Components can be easily reconfigured and infinitely added as your wine collection grows.

How does WineHive contribute to helping the environment?

Inspired by nature's optimal honeycomb structure built by bees, WineHive is made of infinitely recyclable aluminum and designed to last. To pay homage to these tiny engineers, WineHive donates 1% of all retail sales to Washington State University’s Pollinator Program, led by Paul Stamets to help save endangered bee populations and restore vital biodiversity to our planet.

How high can I build the WineHive system?

WineHive can be built to any size, with adequate wall-mount support and/or framing. 

Do I need to anchor the wine rack to a wall?

Proper framing can help too, but we recommend the WineHive system should be bracketed once the system is over 3 feet or 1 meter high. Stainless steel brackets are included with every wall-mount and custom order. Purchase hardware here.

Will the WineHive wine rack hold Champagne bottles?

Yes. Our standard 750mL system safely holds all standard size bottles up to 3.62" (92mm) diameter, including champagne and other larger format bottles. Larger bottles can be stored on the top "open" chambers. Our larger 1.5L system safely holds magnums and oversize bottles up to 4.25" diameter (107.95mm).

How long does WineHive take to assemble?

WineHive was designed to be DIY friendly and we offer professional installation services for custom orders. A 5-bottle wine rack can be assembled in just a few minutes.

I still have more questions!

Great! Send us a message here and we will get back to you shortly.