Wine and Cheese Day –

Wine and Cheese Day

Happy National Wine and Cheese Day! As a special treat, we’ve compiled a list of our Founder, John Paulick, and Leadership Team, Ron Scharman, CEO, and Ryan Neergaard, Director of Business Development, favorite wine and cheese pairings! Grab a Gabriel-Glas glass, your favorite wine, and cheese to pair and enjoy! Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next wine night…

 John’s Picks:

One of my favorite pairings is Goat Gouda and Syrah. Here in Paso Robles, I like Vivant Fine Cheese and they have a delicious Honey Bee Goat Gouda that's firm and nutty with a touch of sweetness (like me sometimes). I like pairing with Booker's Fracture Syrah, also from Paso and one of the best Syrahs I've ever had. Notes of red cherry and dark chocolate in this rich Syrah pair perfectly for my palate with Vivant's goat gouda.





Another favorite is Blue Cheese and Port. Keeping it local, I like this Big Rock Blue by Central Coast Creamery. It's mild and curdy, with a creamy flavor and hints of salty bacon. PasoPort is one of the only Port makers I've been able to find here on the central coast, and they make this delicious Tawny Port that's aged over 10 years and strong enough to match the pungent flavors of a good blue cheese. It's a bit nutty, as most Tawny Ports are, with subtle notes of hazlenut and even a touch of citrus.


Ron’s Pick:

My favorite cheese is Époisses, one of France's most infamous cheeses, which is a gastronomic masterpiece for anyone who relishes a good stinky, runny cheese interior. Each cheese is covered in an edible reddish-brown coating, and underneath that, a creamy, white interior with a delightfully daunting aroma that comes straight from the farm. I love to pair it with a crisp White Burgundy that’s been slightly chilled.



Ryan’s Picks:

My favorite of all time is Brillat Savarin, triple cream cow milk cheese, with just a touch of honey on toast. Wine-wise, I love to pair sparkling wine or Champagne with it. If I had to choose a brand I would say the Domaine Chandon Tête de Cuvée or Ruinart Blanc de Blanc Champagne. The acidity of the wine cleans the palate and prepares you for the next bite! Excellent afternoon pairing that is a good lead-in to a meal or awesome on its own.



My second favorite is Tête de Moine, cow milk cheese again, which has a nutty flavor and a semi-crumbly texture. It is really good with dried figs and nuts. I love this cheese because it has a tool to cut it that was designed for this cheese—it is literally cut from the top down in a spinning motion. When cut properly, the cheese looks like a flower. The cheese has a very distinct flavor and is great with my favorite varietal, Pinot. I would pair an Oregon wine with it to have more structure and weight. In a dream world, I would drink the Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir from Domaine Serene or Belles Soeurs from Beaux Freres. Best to have this pairing as a substitute for dessert or an end to a meal.


PRO TIP: In honor of Ryan’s wife’s French roots, consider enjoying a Raclette for your next wine and cheese night or group dinner! Never heard of it? Let us introduce you here...


If you didn’t treat yourself to a glass of wine and some cheese on the side, hopefully, these pairings have inspired you to! We wish you a very wine-filled and cheesy (the food not jokes) National Wine and Cheese Day! Cheers from your friends from WineHive!