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Updates from the Hive

A lot has been happening in the world of WineHive! We are enthusiastic to announce that we are now a part of the FlyWithWine family of luxury wine accessory products. 

FlyWithWine has spent the last six years giving travelers confidence when they fly with the VinGardeValise® suitcase that their prized bottles of wine will arrive safely at their destination. FlyWithWine has also eliminated the need for multiple shapes and sizes of wine glasses and replaced them with the Gabriel-Glas one-for-all designed glass. No matter the wine, a Gabriel-Glas glass will accentuate what you love about the varietal, style, and flavor profile of your favorite wines. 

Becoming a part of FlyWithWine comes with exciting updates that we’re ready to share with you! 


Our modular honeycomb wine storage cells are still available in our classic satin anodized silver, but now they’re also available in matte black. Much like the limitless possibilities of your display design, you now have more than one option of color to choose from for your space. You have the freedom to mix and match the two colors or select the one that complements your current decor or gives it a refresh!


We now have preset packs of WineHives in 5 or 20 cell options in both finishes. They’re a perfect gift for the wine lover in your life or a great way to start building your own Hive! We also offer DIY wall-mounting kits to accompany your 5 or 20 cell Hive starter. This way, you’re no longer restricted to countertop displays or needing a contractor to install your cellular units—you are in control. 


If you’re looking for a more extensive WineHive system, we’re excited to announce our Hive Builder application available on our website. This service allows you to imagine and design your ideal Hive for your space from the comfort of your home. Plus, you can download and print your custom design(s) to share with your contractor or interior designer. 


Are you intimidated by the idea of designing your display? Contact our Custom Install team and let us take the pressure off! We’re here to answer any questions or offer advice and guidance throughout your design or installation process. Our Custom Install team works directly with homeowners or their designers, architects, home builders, and other service providers to incorporate the WineHive into their designs for customers of all types. We want to make your wine storage dreams come true for your home, winery, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial spaces. 

Place your order today and become the envy of your friend group with the latest in modular wine storage innovation. The WineHive is designed to grow with you, your palate, and your wine collection. We’re excited by the next generation of WineHive and the new era of wine storage that is personalized to you and your needs.

With WineHive, your wine storage potential is limitless.