It's World Honey Bee Day! –

It's World Honey Bee Day!


Happy World Honey Bee Day! What might seem like a species that should be celebrated every day, we’re excited that there’s a day dedicated to this vital creature. Aside from earning the credit of inspiration for our patented modular WineHive storage system, they are also the beneficiaries of your purchases! Many of you may know that we donate 1% of all retail sales to Washington State University’s Save The Bees program. But let’s explore the reason why we celebrate the bees on the third Saturday of every August!

The first-ever World Honey Bee Day was held in 2009 and dedicated to promoting beekeeping, but in turn, it brought additional awareness to honey bees and the history of harvesting honey. Honey harvesting dates back to 3500 B.C. in ancient Egypt, where it was not only used as a sweetener but as well as a cure for many ailments. Bees were not only used to represent royalty in spoken language and hieroglyphics but they were even worshiped by the Egyptians! Because of the power of honey, the desire to keep bees was sparked and continues through today’s culture. 

In the 1920s, cave paintings were discovered in Spain and shed light on the archaic collection practice. Like most ancient practices, beekeeping continued to improve and evolve to what we know today. It was also discovered just how significant bees’ role in pollination is. We all know how vital pollination is to our agriculture industry, so the celebration of honey bees should extend beyond World Honey Bee Day because without them—many fruits, vegetables, and flowers would be extinct.

Fast forward to today and Washington State University’s Honey Bee and Pollinator continued research efforts. Like in a past blog, the honey bee and it’s ingenious honeycomb structure was the inspiration for our modular, modern wine storage system and it only felt appropriate to give back and support the protection of these creatures. As a part of our mission, we’ve pledged to donate 1% of all retail sales to Paul Staments’ efforts to research, educate, and protect honey bees, but for this week, we have decided to double our donation! From August 20, 2022, through August 27, 2022, WineHive has committed 2% of all retail sales to donate to Paul’s efforts and program. 

Join us in celebrating the honey bee today by purchasing your new favorite modern, modular wine storage system inspired by the incredible, powerful pollinators and constructors. We’re excited to not only celebrate today but we’re also excited to share our new pricing making it easier than ever to start your Hive. Shop our 5 or 20-cell kits or visit our Hive Builder for your customized WineHive system. Cheers to the bees!