Say “Hi” to us on Houzz! –

Say “Hi” to us on Houzz!


If you’ve ever thought about a home improvement project, there’s a chance a quick Google search would lead you to Pinterest or Houzz for ideas. While Pinterest is the original “go-to” for projects or inspiration, Houzz is Pinterest specifically for homeowners or business owners! While Houzz has many features and helpful tools for projects of all types and sizes, a significant benefit is that the platform connects you directly with the companies that completed those eye-catching projects. You also don’t have to worry about being distracted by cute outfits or pictures of animals! The site is solely focused on getting you inspired, discovering new products, and connecting with contractors in your area for your next home improvement or renovation project. 

The beauty of Houzz is that you can be broad or very, very specific with your searches or through their prompts. You can search by room, decor style, location, and budget. You can also search for a product, a provider, or a contractor, making Houzz the destination for anyone looking to tackle a home improvement project, no matter how big or small! When you start browsing for a “Local Professional,” after selecting what kind of remodel or project you’re looking to tackle, you’re immediately directed to complete a survey that helps Houzz present you with the most accurate options for what you’re looking for. Whether budget-focused, style-specific, or any other facet you’re basing your decision on, their survey asks all the right questions. Houzz also publishes articles about current and upcoming interior and exterior design trends or seasonal preparation guides, making it a source of information beyond pictures of gorgeous properties in your area or worldwide. 


We’ve all been here—we’ve seen something while on vacation, while out to lunch, or while taking a walk around the neighborhood, and you see something that you would love to recreate at your home or business. Since most of us have our smartphones with us almost any time we leave the house, you’re able to snap a picture of it to remind yourself to research later. On Houzz, you can do a reverse image search, meaning that you can take that picture of whatever has inspired your next project, and you can upload it directly to their search engine to find service providers, vendors, or the product that you’re looking for. Talk about convenience! 


Now, what does this mean for WineHive? We’ve recently reinvigorated our Houzz profile with some of our newest happenings! We have new installation collections for inspiration and now can consult our custom installation consulting and estimating through the platform. Also, if you’re a past client, you can post a review that can better assist other homeowners in joining the Hive. Now, you can collect all of the necessary contact information, estimates, and images to kick start your new modern wine cellar project or storage system that complements a current feature in your home or business. 

We’re excited to be a Pro on Houzz and look forward to connecting with past, present, and future clients! Check out our profile and share it with your friends looking for the latest in wine storage innovations. Our team at WineHive is ready to create the Hive of your dreams because, with WineHive, your options are limitless. WineHive grows with you and your collection.