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10 Unique Wine Racks - We're on the list!

10 Unique Wine Rack Ideas to Store Your Bottles

Whether you’re a total wine connoisseur or just like to have a couple of glasses on a Friday night, we all know that it can be tricky to find somewhere to store all those clunky wine bottles. 

This is especially true for those with smaller spaces or minimal décor. These days, however, there are some great wine racks available to stylishly store your vino collection away, with some even having room for glasses, too, creating something of a wine ‘hub’ all in one place. 

So, if you’re looking for unique wine rack ideas, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 10 unusual (yet stylish) wine storage solutions. First, it’s crucial to understand how (and why) it’s important to store wine properly.

How to Store Wine

Storing wine at a consistent temperature of around 55 degrees prevents the cork from drying out. If the cork dries out, it will shrink, which in turn allows air in, thus spoiling the wine. All high-quality wine racks should also lean forward slightly to ensure the health of your wine. So, if you’re looking for wine rack ideas, make sure you choose a storage solution with racking that tilts forwards so that the cork is kept moist and, most importantly, so that your wine doesn’t spoil!

Wine Rack Ideas

Built-In Wine Rack

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Enhance your kitchen cupboard space by having a wine rack built in. Whilst fitted kitchens would commonly use square-shaped racking, if you’re looking to make a more unusual wine rack and create visual interest, then consider using slanted or diagonally-shaped storage shelves for the bottles to sit in.


The great thing about having a built-in wine rack is that you can be sure it will fit in with your existing kitchen colour scheme, but to add a point of difference and introduce depth to the room, use shelving in a contrasting (yet still complementary) shade of wood.

Using wood shelving will ensure durability and is strong enough to support numerous bottles. To complete the look, install some LED strip lights on the underside of each shelf for a contemporary, expensive-looking finish. 

  • Minimalist Wine Rack

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    If you’re a fan of minimalist décor, then keep your wine rack simple to fit in with the room’s existing aesthetic. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, however. If you’re looking for a different type of wine rack, then this minimalistic, contemporary wood wine holder makes a feature of the bottles without overwhelming the rest of the room. 

  • Glass Wine Rack 

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    If you have a large space (and an equally large wine collection) then consider making it a focal point with a purpose-built, floor-to-ceiling, glass case. This funky wine rack pictured above, for instance, is a chic addition to any kitchen and dining space with its glass panels ensuring that the room remains bright. The only downside is that you’ll have to keep it well-stocked!

  • Upcycled Wine Rack 

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    For a truly unique piece that you can be sure nobody else possesses, why not make your own? All you’ll need is a pallet and some imagination. Upcycling a pallet into wine storage will not only allow you to put your own stamp on it, but you can also make something custom-sized to suit your space.

    Ideas range from a wall-mounted wine rack, such as the one pictured, to freestanding units; this is a versatile style for any and all budding sommeliers! For a more rustic finish, leave the wood untreated but for a polished look, add a lick of paint in the colour of your choice! 

  • Hanging Wine Rack

  • Make the most of spare ceiling space by using it to hang your wine storage! Place above a kitchen island, or even a side cabinet, to make a great little bar area that doesn’t take up other essential storage space. Choose a material, such as wood or metal, to suit your existing style and decorate with faux foliage for a more unique take on wine rack ideas. 

  • Honeycomb Stack Wine Rack


    Honeycomb-shaped wine racks offer a more unusual take on the typical round or square-shaped racking that you often come across when browsing wine racks. Hexagonal styles, such as the WineHive 5 Cell Modern Wine Rack, for instance, offer the ultimate combination of design and functionality with their interlocking, modular structures. Choosing a honeycomb rack made of metal offers extra durability for a stylish and contemporary (but still practical) design. Plus, WineHive donates 1% of their website sales to Paul Stamet’s of Washing State University’s Polination Program bee saving efforts! Help them save the bees!

  • Countertop Wine Rack

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    If you only have a few bottles, or are short on floor space, then opt for a countertop wine rack. Commonly made in metallic-toned wireframes that can tie in with your kitchen hardware, these countertop styles offer a cool wine rack design that’s both low maintenance and affordable. Choose an unusual style of racking, like this diamond shape, in a material that will best work with your kitchen colour scheme to set it apart from the crowd.

  • Wine Cabinet

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    Make a statement with a designated wine cabinet complete with in-built fridge. Not only do freestanding wine cabinets store your bottles, but they typically also have room for glasses, too. There’s often additional shelving and drawer space, as well as a table area to prep a cool glass of light-bodied Pinot in the evening.

  • Space-Saving Wine Rack

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    Save on space with a wine rack that hangs from your kitchen cupboards. It can be hard to find practical storage solutions for wine bottles when space is lacking but this handy style is a great choice!

    A hanging cupboard rack won’t take up additional floor space but keeps bottles safe, tidy, and out of the way. If you’re looking for wall-mounted wine rack ideas, then this style could also be used in this way. 

  •  Wine Rack Trolley

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    Put your wine on wheels with this handy wine rack trolley which is perfect for when you want to roll out an impressive range of drinks for guests. You’ll never have the issue of your wine stash getting in the way with this mobile storage solution.

    Look for an option that comes with additional space to store glasses, so that you’ve got all you need to pour a glass in one spot! Wine rack trolleys come in a variety of styles, from modern glass to rustic wood, so you’re bound to come across one that works for your home. 

    To Summarise

    Choosing storage for your wine rack needn’t be a chore, and there are plenty of unique designs out there that will combine functionality with unusual style for your home. For a truly unique design, consider upcycling old pallets and adding your own twist to them. Whatever you choose, we hope it brings you many nice evenings in the years to come!