WineHive® Cell™ Wall Mount Plate

WineHive, Inc.

Showcase your wine collection on your walls in your very own unique honeycomb configuration. Attaches simply to the rear face of WineHive® Cell™ and easily attaches directly to wall studs. All hardware included. Recommended 1 wall mount plate for every 7 WineHive® Cell™ units, in circular configuration to maximize thread engagement (as shown). This may vary depending on your wall material and/or stud location(s). Call us if you need help at (805) 316-1052. Handmade in USA of 100% recyclable aluminum.

Designed by John Paulick in California.

Patents Pending Worldwide. WineHive and the Honeycomb Grape Cluster WineHive logo are registered trademarks of WineHive, Inc. © 2016 WineHive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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