NEW! WineHive® Classic™ Pre-Orders!

NEW! WineHive® Classic™ 1.5L Walls (6-Pack)

  • NEW! Aluminum wall design integrates set screw for more secure assembly and easier reconfiguration (replaces original adhesive locking tabs) AND safely holds larger format 1.5L magnum and champagne bottles!
  • NEW! Aluminum corner cap design increase structural rigidity and eliminates sagging (replaces original PVC corner caps).
  • Fully customizable to fit your space in style!
  • Infinitely expandable to grow with your wine collection!
  • Wall-mount accessories coming soon!
  • Handmade in USA of anodized aluminum
  • Pre-order now for estimated shipping in June 2018
  • Designed by John Paulick in California
  • U.S. patent D701,436 and patents pending worldwide
  • © 2018 WineHive, Inc. all rights reserved

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