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Open Sky's Christmas in July Press Event

Can you spot the WineHive in each photo? Editors from all the top magazines checked out WineHive and other hot new products at Open Sky's headquarters in NYC this past week for their upcoming Holiday Gift Guide.

Magazines included: 

InStyle, O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Health, Food & Wine, Family Circle, Woman's Day, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, SELF, Woman's World, Marie Claire, Working Mothers, Parents, People Style Watch, Food Network Magazine, Teen Vogue, Country Living, Glam, Glamour, Bon Appetit, Women's Health, ELLE, Martha Stewart Living, Cosmopolitan, Fitness, Lucky, Harper's Bazaar, Everyday With Rachael Ray, Men's Health, More, Prevention, Shape, Travel + Leisure, US Weekly and Allure.

Hopefully we see WineHive show up in some of these come holiday shopping time!

Happy Anniversary

by Samantha, Sweet Relish

"My husband and I recently celebrated our first year of marriage. Woot! Our first year as husband and wife has been packed full of change. New jobs, new city, new church, and new friends. A few weeks before our actual anniversary, we became first-time homeowners! So, when we were thinking about what to get each other for our first anny, we both decided on the house! It seemed like the perfect present that would be for both of us to share and enjoy. After all, we were making quite an investment in it.  I liked that it was an unconventional gift--you know not on the list of what Hallmark deems “traditional” gifts to give your sweetie pie on your anniversary. But that got me thinking, what would I have bought my hubby if we hadn’t decided on the house? And what would I have wanted?

A wine rack from WineHive is made from 100% recycled aluminum and won’t land you in the dog house for the next year."

read the full article here

Lovely Libations

by Amy Reiss, Sweet Relish

"Quick quiz- you’re headed to a housewarming/birthday/any occasion party. Is your first instinct to grab a bottle of vino or Scotch to present as a gift? Yes? Well, then, congratulations- you fall in with the boring bourgeois, bearing a bounty that nearly every other guest has given. Not that there’s anything wrong with that bottle of bubbly or Bourdeaux… it’s just a bit…forgettable. How to remedy the dull drink dilemma?

The WineHive is fantastic for those friends who just built an incredible gourmet kitchen and need a place for their fledgling (or already fabulous) wine collection."

read the full article here

Father's Day 2013

Chilled Magazine (Volume 6, Issue 1)

DIY Network's I Want That (Air Date 1/17/13)

Audi Magazine

"Make your collection look more refined and sophisticated and less like the collection of someone who is going through a quarter-life crisis."

"Wondering what to do with all that leftover champagne from your New Year's Eve party? Stash it in one of these snazzy wine racks until the next big booze-guzzling holiday."

"Low-tech but awesome. Expand your wine storage perpetually."

Philadelphia University Industrial Design Blog

"It's brilliant. Eco friendly, flat packable, configurable, expandable, attractive and not too expensive."

"The trouble with most designer wine racks is their finite size. WineHive avoids this while adding organic style to your kitchen or bar."

"Paulick designed the ingenious, intuitive product to grow along with your collection."


"A brilliant, simple idea. A chic piece of contemporary design."

"Create just the right size bottle rack as you stack them higher and wider."

"Stylish and affordable."

"Totally unique and ultra modern. Radiates organic warmth. Suits every caliber of wine enthusiast and connoisseur."

Baker Design Group

"Simply an amazing idea and an "out of the box" wine rack."

The Elevated Standard

"By far the most beautiful and well designed wine storage solution."

Gear Culture

"Sleek, stylish, and sturdy. Will bring you many years of enjoyment."

Cool Business Ideas

"No tools, no sweat, no manuals to read."


"Sturdy, fully collapsible, and ships flat."

Oh Gizmo!

"A really clever product that happens to look quite snazzy as well."

What The Cool

"Not only for wine, but other drinks as well."

Take My Dough

"A perfect gift."

Trend Hunter

"Invest in this."


"Perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, bars, and more!"

Firm Nine Design

"A great product that is both design and eco conscious."

My Spy

"No need to guess now as to how big your collection will become."

Shoebox Dwelling

"Accommodate a wine collection of any size."


"Absolutely organic in nature."

Mainstream Magazine

"Another great idea made possible by Kickstarter."


"The classiest way to store and display your liquor collection."

Moco Loco

"A pleasingly simple invention."

Design You Trust

"Showcase your bottles in several different ways..."

Vincent & Caroline

"An amazing wine rack."

Cool Quirks

"Elegant and practical; and unlike the traditional racks it is easy on the pocket."

Inspiration Exhibit

"Super minimal in appearance and very attractive."

Wordless Tech

"The expandable nature of the product makes it a perfect gift."

Funded Grads

"Unique and ultra modern."

Swag So Fresh

"Building out an entire cellar is not practical for most of us, but the WineHive is definitely almost as cool."

Tech Trend 24

"A really clever product."


"Perfect for wine lovers."

Frat Fury

"The answer to all your space and limited wine rack problems."

Joe's Daily

"The ideal addition to your kitchen or dining room."

Job Trakr

"A product worth taking a look at." 

Rager Life

"A modern minimalist wine rack."

Ronnie Fieg

"Perfect for company coming over."


"This product is your wine rack bottle-increase answer."

Qlty Ctrl

"Something here for everyone."


"The next generation wine rack."


"The familiar shape of a hive whose spaces are perfect for placing those usual wine bottles."

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