Meet the designer:

John Paulick, WineHive

WineHive® was invented by John Paulick, an award-winning industrial designer in California. Born and raised in Connecticut, John has limitless creativity with an engineer's precision, and a passion for high-quality modern design (and now wine). John believes in creating products that transcend their physical function, to resonate with the user on an emotional and sometimes spiritual level. As an avid nature enthusiast with otter-like joy, John has always been fascinated with nature's most efficient structure, the honeycomb. Meticulously constructed by honeybees, these 120° joint systems are fully optimized to store maximum honey with minimal materials. These tiny engineers manufacture locally with abundant, recyclable materials, and as their honey collection grows, they simply build more units. John's design was inspired by the sustainable ingenuity of the honeybee, and now that they're unfortunately endangered, John plans to begin contributing a portion of proceeds to save and renew global honeybee populations.

WineHive Biomimicry

Inspired by nature, WineHive is the most space-efficient wine storage system in the world. It's also infinitely expandable, so it can grow alongside your wine collection.

In 2012, John successfully crowdfunded WineHive on Kickstarter. John needed a minimum of $15,000 to pay for tooling, manufacturing, and shipping of a minimum production run of WineHive parts from a local manufacturer. With the help of the generous Kickstarter community, social media, and influential blogs like Uncrate, John raised over $65,000 in less than 30 days. WineHive became a thing.

John also continued his education in the field of Biomimicry (nature-inspired design), at the Biomimicry Institute's inaugural Biomimicry Specialist Program. John is a certified Biomimicry Specialist, and has served as a Sustainable Design Consultant for Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, and the leading Brazilian cosmetics manufacturer, Natura.

Forbes recently interviewed John for their "Perfect Gifts for Wine Lovers" spread, where he stated: "I wanted to create something different that would also be sustainable. There are no landfills in nature, everything must be made sustainably.”

John operates WineHive, Inc. primarily from his home office in San Luis Obispo, California.